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January 19, 2022 at 10:00 AM The book to be discussed is ‘Last Night in London’ by Karen White. Books will be available in the book box at Nancy Johnson’s home, 5665 Long Point Road. Please remember to return the book club book to the box (not the library). Books are due back the day of book club to us in order to return to borrowing libraries.

The hostess will be Nancy Johnson. See address above. Contact 315-323-2733 with any questions.

New Additions

New Books January 2022

The Principal by David Abraham

Better Off Dead by Lee Child

It’s OK That You’re Not OK by Megan Devine (Non-fiction)

Burnt Sugar by Avni Evanovich

Living When a young Friend Commits Suicide by Earl Grollman (Non-fiction)

21st Birthday by James Patterson

The Memory Box by Joanna Rowland

New Books November 2021

The Tenant by Katrine Enburg

The World We Knew by Alice Hoffman

The Whispers of War by Julia Kelly

I Found You by Lisa Jewell

Legacy by Nora Roberts

The New Girl by Daniel Silva

On The Come Up by Angie Thomas (Young Adult)

New November 2021 (Donated)

The Sentinel by Lee Child

The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly

Fast Ice by Clive Cussler

Marauder by Clive Cussler

Wrath of Poseidon By Clive Cussler

The A List by J.A. Jance

High Stakes by Iris Johansen

A Question of Betrayal by Anne Perry

Portrait of Peril by Laura Rowland

Ocean Prey by John Sanford

The Cellist by Daniel Silva

The Consequences of Fear by Jacqueline Winspear

Agent in Place by Mark Greaney (PB)

The Guardians by John Grisham (PB)

Nathan Stark Army Scout by William Johnstone (PB)

Texas Killer of the Mountain Men by William Johnstone (PB)

The Devil’s Barnyard by William Johnstone (PB)

White Lightening by William Johnstone (PB)

Endless Summer by Nora Roberts (PB)

New Books October 2021

The Daughter’s Tale by Armondo Correa

One Minute Out by Mark Greaney (PB)

The Fifth Column by Andrew Gross (PB)

Dead Time by William Johnstone (PB)

The Devil you Know by William Johnstone (PB)

The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

The Keepsake Sisters by Lori Wilde

New Books September 2021

The Deadly Alliance by Meg Bradish

Girl A by Abigail Dean

Why The Wilderness is Called Adirondack by Henry Dornburgh (NF)

Little Pieces of Me by Alison Hammer

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

The Stationary Shop of Tehran by Mirian Kamali

The Pond Hockey Challenge by Justin VanRiper

New Books Aug 2021

Elisabetta, Marco, and Sandro grow up as the best of friends despite their differences. Elisabetta is a feisty beauty who dreams of becoming a novelist; Marco the brash and athletic son in a family of professional cyclists; and Sandro a Jewish mathematics prodigy, kind-hearted and thoughtful, the son of a lawyer and a doctor. Their friendship blossoms to love, with both Sandro and Marco hoping to win Elisabetta’s heart. But in the autumn of 1937, all of that begins to change as Mussolini asserts his power, aligning Italy’s Fascists with Hitler’s Nazis and altering the very laws that govern Rome. In time, everything that the three hold dear–their families, their homes, and their connection to one another–is tested in ways they never could have imagined.

It is a perfect July morning, and Elle, a fifty-year-old happily married mother of three, awakens at “The Paper Palace”–the family summer place which she has visited every summer of her life. But this morning is different: last night Elle and her oldest friend Jonas crept out the back door into the darkness and had sex with each other for the first time, all while their spouses chatted away inside. Now, over the next twenty-four hours, Elle will have to decide between the life she has made with her genuinely beloved husband, Peter, and the life she always imagined she would have had with her childhood love, Jonas, if a tragic event hadn’t forever changed the course of their lives. As Heller colors in the experiences that have led Elle to this day, we arrive at her ultimate decision with all its complexity. Tender yet devastating, The Paper Palace considers the tensions between desire and dignity, the legacies of abuse, and the crimes and misdemeanors of families.

When twenty-nine-year-old Sunday Brennan wakes up in a Los Angeles hospital, bruised and battered after a drunk driving accident she caused, she swallows her pride and goes home to her family in New York. But it’s not easy. She deserted them all—and her high school sweetheart—five years before with little explanation, and they’ve got questions.

New York, 1937: When estranged sisters Clara and Madeleine Sommers learn their grandmother is dying, they agree to fulfill her last wish: to travel across Europe—together. They are to deliver three letters, in which Violet will say goodbye to those she hasn’t seen since traveling to Europe forty years earlier; a journey inspired by famed reporter, Nellie Bly.

Johnstone Country Where the Wild Things Roam When the Civil War ended, Hunter Buchanon and his coyote sidekick Bobby Lee forged a new life in the Black Hills, Dakota Territory.

This is no ordinary job. There’s a very good chance it’s suicide. . . When word gets out that the Jackals are on the case, all hell breaks loose.

Incurring the wrath of three outlaws after killing their leader in a daring rescue attempt, Perley Gates and waitress Becky Morris must get safely across the Red River before the three vengeful devils make it flow with their blood.

New Paperbacks Added:

Johnstone, William W. Firewater  Johnstone, William W. A Quiet Little Town 
Johnstone, William W. Blood, Guts and Glory 
Johnstone, William W. The First Mountain Man, Preacher’s Carnage
Johnstone, William W. The Wicked Die Twice
Johnstone, William W. Marked For Death 
King, Samantha The Sleepover 
McCoy, Max The Ghost Rifle 
Patterson, James Target Alex Cross 
Sandford, John Masked Prey